Global V Hospitality Management Team


Global V Hospitality Inc. has a skilled and experienced international management team which brings together an exceptional combination of talent, training and expertise.

North American, MENA ( Middle East, North Africa) Team

  • Kim Feller
    Vice President Corporate and Legal Affairs

  • David Pinar
    Vice President of Finance

  • Mike Karimi
    Vice President of Operations

  • Faisal Sbiti
    S.V.P of Business Development Marketing

  • Moustafa Endi
    Financial Director

  • Iman Ismael
    Operation Adviser

  • Waleed Awad
    Vice President of Human Resources and Administration

  • Mohammad Bassuny
    Development Adviser

  • Hicham Tassi
    IT & Revenue Management Director

  • Salah Bassuny
    General Manger of Operations





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