Global V Hospitality Management Services

Building Maintenance

Preserving the appeal and equity of a development is of pinnacle importance to us as we are not just managers, but owners of developments ourselves. We believe in preserving a developments’ future ability to remain profitable and provide quality accommodation to the community.

  • Training
  • Inspection

Liability Protection

Protecting developments from costly litigation is of paramount importance in today’s litigious society. A 24 hour a day paging system is used by the maintenance team to respond to after-hours emergencies. Regional Property Managers are also on call in the event of an extreme situation. Our preventative maintenance philosophy combined with this 24 hour emergency on-call system ensures that dangerous situations are minimized and dealt with expeditiously.

To protect the developments which we manage, we mandate that both our corporate and on-site employees attend the proper training classes to become proficient and knowledgeable in the laws that govern multi-family housing, shopping malls, and Suite Hotels. All on-site Residential Managers are further required to become Real Estate Salespersons. Understanding the rules regarding Fair accommodation, Security Deposit laws and Tenant Rights allows us to avoid the pitfalls in policies and procedures that can be so costly.




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